Why PerkPods?


PerkPods eliminates the need to stand in line at a coffee shop or throw plastic cups into landfills.


Simply place the pod over your favorite mug, insert the filter into the pod, and pour some boiling water.


You‘ll experience the most fresh and delicious cup of coffee you’ve ever had.


It’s time to enjoy your morning grind.

Our Story


Do you enjoy drinking a delicious cup of coffee? Dean and Jason enjoy drinking coffee so much that in 2016 they invested in a coffee house located in Bridgewater, MA. The goal of the coffee house is to offer an enjoyable cup of coffee, create a dynamic space for everyone involved, and provide a sense of community for people living in the surrounding area. During the journey at the coffee house there we many ups and downs, and a lot of information about the chemistry that goes into making a delicious cup of coffee.


Perk Pods was born through the constant trial and error of trying to make a great cup of coffee for the fast pace world we all live in. Many people would ask how they can make a quick single cup of coffee that would taste great and not have an impact of the environment. By providing pre-weighed pour over filters and a pod designed to use the perfect amount of water, Perk Pods was the solution people were looking for.


At Perk Pods our goal is to help reduce the number of steps required to create a pour over, keep the same quality taste, and let you continue your morning routine while your coffee is brewing. Perk Pods strives to offer a coffee that is sustainably grown, eco-friendly, and easy for people to brew. The Perk Pod is made from Polylactic Acid which is a compostable and biodegradable material. The Eco packaging around the filter along with the tab sealing the filter shut is made of compostable materials. Even the filter and coffee beans are compostable, but you may have already known that!


At Perk Pods our goal is to provide a subscription coffee program that is reliable and sustainable. We are currently offering a mild roast of coffee, and we are planning to expand our line to dark roasts, decaf, and a single origin coffee. We are striving to work with sustainable coffee farmers, support their community, and the ecosystems around them.

Jason Hebert

Dean WIle

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Dean is an avid Beekeeper, experimental gardener, and is passionate about growing communities through connecting people with nature and one another.